Family Law



If you are considering getting divorced or if you have questions on how to protect your property and assets before or after marriage, we are here to help you.

We represent clients in litigation regarding the distribution of marital property, we help clients in situations where one spouse refuses to disclose or share matrimonial assets, and all complex situations related to divorce. We also assist clients how to protect their assets before marriage via prenuptial agreements, and how to protect assets after marriage via postnuptial agreements.

Additionally, if your case involves domestic violence, substance abuse, or physical, emotional, or psychological abuse, our experience in these complex cases allow us to help you get the necessary legal relief. No matter how complicated your situation may be, we are here to help you. Call us to book an appointment.

Why us?

1)  Your desired outcome is very important for us and we will focus on strategic and smart solutions aimed to reach your goal.

2)  We work with professional resources that will help you uncover the truth.

3)  We have the experience to help you in complex cases involving property disputes, abuse, domestic violence, and substance abuse.

4) Oh! and if the situation gets hostile, no worries, we are not afraid to battle in and out of court for your rights.

Do you have children?

If your divorce involves children or a manipulative parent, you definitely should check our practice section on Child Custody.

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